Vietnam Motor Bike Tour

- ( formerly Saigon ) HCM city is Vietnams largest city. Its architecture has been influenced by the French colonisation in the 1800ís and the American influence during the Vietnam war. There are museums which provide graphic details of this war. Nearby are the incredible Cu Chi tunnels. These were commenced in the 1940ís and took 25 yrs to construct. They were used by the poorly equipped peasant army, firstly against the French and then the Americans. They are hundreds of kms long and were used by the Viet Cong to coordinate their war effort. They contain living areas, storage facilities, kitchens, hospitals and command centres.

DALAT - This picturesque town is situated high in the mountains with many lakes and waterfalls and is surrounded by evergreen forests. There are colourful markets where the local villagers bring their produce.

NHA TRANG - This is an attractive resort town with some of Vietnams most stunning beaches and coastal scenery. A cruise to one of the many islands to swim, snorkel, relax and have a beach massage. Nearby is Cam Ranh Bay the controversial naval and air base.

BUON MA THUOT - This small town is in the Central Highlands and is the capital of Dac Lac province. There are many ethnic hill tribes living in the nearby forests and National Parks.

PLEIKU - This town is situated in the Central Highlands and is a market town in the centre of a vast fertile valley. Many of its population are from the nearby hill tribes. An attack by the Viet Cong in 1965 against US military advisers stationed here resulted in a rapid escalation and build up of American troops.

QUI NHON - This town is situated on Vietnams central coast and was an important US base. There are many fishing villages scattered along the beach.

HOI AN - Its geographical position made it one of S.E. Asia's major ports during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Dutch, Portugese, Japanese and French influences provide a vast array of architectural designs. Nearby is Danang and the infamous China Beach.

HUE - This is the place that the US forces first landed in 1965. Less well known is that in 1858 the French forces also began their campaign here. Hue was the imperial capital from 1802 to 1945 and is one of Vietnams cultural religious and educational centres.

HANOI - Leave the motor bikes in Hue and fly to Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam and is located in the heart of the Red river basin. It has beautiful parks, lakes, tree lined boulevardes, fine buildings, musuems and pagodas.

HALONG BAY - This spectacular bay has 3000 islands rising from the clear, emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. The islands have beaches, caves and grottoes and is one of Vietnams natural wonders and is a world heritage listed site. The name Halong means " where the dragon descends into the sea."


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